All clients of PICTOURS OF GREECE are covered with a Travel Insurance program of MONDIAL ASSISTANCE.

Covered Incidents are the sudden illness (under 70 years old) and the accident (all ages)
of the Insured or a member of the Insured’s Family.
Transport to transfer the Insured to the nearest emergency treatment center or hospital, due to an
incident during the Journey which cannot be treated effectively at the location where it occurred.
€ 1.000
Transport from the emergency treatment center to the nearest hospital, provided that hospitalization of
the Insured is deemed necessary, following an Incident during the Journey. Excess € 50.
Medical and hospitalization expenses of the Insured and up to 30 days from the day of the Incident or
until the moment when authorisation is given to the Insured by the treating hospital doctors to travel.
Excess € 75.
€ 30.000
A round trip ticket to a companion, to travel to the location of the Insured so that the companion can
accompany the Insured during the repatriation when the Insured’s hospitalization forecast exceeds 7
days or 48 hours in case the Insured is a minor or handicapped with special needs.
€ 750
Companion’s accommodation expenses up to 5 days for the repatriation.€ 100 per day
Curtailment of the Journey of the Insured when it’s deemed necessary following hospitalization during the
Journey, with means and on dates different from the initially scheduled in the itinerary.
Repatriation of the Insured’s immediate Family, consequence of Journey curtailment of the Insured or
repatriation of the Insured’s remains, if they are also Insured.
Expenses for a companion, to travel to the location of the Insured, in order to accompany the minor
Family members who accompany the Insured in the Journey but the Insured is not able to take care of,
due to an Incident. Cover includes the cost to change the minors’ return date of the tickets.
Interpreter’s expenses when it’s necessary for communication, in case of hospitalization of the Insured
during the Journey.
€ 1.000
Translation of the medical file of the Insured, if it’s required, in case of hospitalization during the Journey
between Greek, English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
Tickets for Journey curtailment of the Insured and one co-travelling companion, also Insured, and due to
death or hospitalization forecasted to exceed 7 days, of an immediate Family member of the Insured.
€ 750
Compensation of expenses for medical treatments for up to 30 days after the repatriation following
hospitalization due to an Incident during the Journey and following the treating doctor’s at the hospital
€ 500
Expenses to send medication of chronic Illness to the Insured during the Journey, if the medication
cannot be supplied locally. Delivery will be made in strict accordance to the local legislation of import of
medicines of the country in which the Insured is located and provided that such or similar medication
does not exist in the local market. Cover does not include the cost to purchase the medication.
In case of death of the Insured due to an Incident during the Journey, expenses for the repatriation
(transport only) of the Insured’s remains.
A round trip ticket and accommodation of a Family member to accompany the remains of the Insured.€ 900
Telephone medical advice to the Insured for Incidents during the Journey.Unlimited
Medical advice to the Insured’s Family members residing in his/her house while the Insured is travelling.Unlimited
Locating, recommendation of and when necessary communication with the nearest doctors, specialists,
emergency centers and hospitals in the event of an Incident of the Insured during the Journey.
Communication with the Insured’s Family, in the event of an Incident during the Journey.Unlimited
Compensation of material damage to the checked-in Baggage of the Insured, consequence of fire,
explosion, fracture or robbery or loss by the official carrier. Compensation is limited to € 350 per
baggage. Maximum compensation per item within the baggage or of the baggage itself is € 150. Every
item will be compensated based on its actual value at the time of the Incident and based on ageing, as
per the original purchase receipt or pricing of equal or similar items when original receipts are not
€ 500
Compensation for purchase of items of first need, consequence of delay of arrival of the checked-in
baggage of the Insured for more than 6 hours from the time of the Insured’s arrival at the first final
destination of the Journey. Alternatively, compensation to send a replacement baggage up to 20 kilos to
the Insured, following delay of delivery of the checked-in Baggage for more than 12 hours from the time
of arrival of the Insured at the first final destination of the Journey.
€ 100
Cash transfer to convenience the Insured during Journey, in the event of loss or theft of money or legal
entanglement of the Insured as a consequence of an Incident during the Journey, following guarantee of
repayment of the transferred amount within 30 days from the day of the fronting.
€ 1000
Provision of contact information, in the event of loss or theft of credit cards or Traveler’s checques of the
Insured during the Journey, in order to proceed with the necessary steps for their cancellation or
Compensation of expenses, for the calls of the Insured from a land phone for the communication with
Globy, in the event of any Incident during the Journey.
€ 300
Expenses for one hotel overnight of the Insured and up to one also Insured companion, in case the
Insured is not able to depart on time to return from the Journey, due to theft or loss of official documents
essential for his/her return trip, on the scheduled date.
€ 75
per person
€ 750
per Journey
Expenses for road repair or towage to the nearest service shop, in the event of a breakdown of the
Vehicle of the Insured on the way to the point of departure for the Journey in the domicile or place of
residence. Missed departure due to the breakdown is not covered.
€ 130
Compensation of the cost of a Taxi from the location of the Insured’s Vehicle, in the event of towage of
the Vehicle, if it’s necessary in order to try to reach the departure point on time for the Departure. Missed
departure due to the breakdown is not covered.
€ 75
Compensation to the beneficiaries in the event of death of the Insured from an accident during the
Journey, or
€ 30.000
Compensation to the Insured in the event of permanent disability from an accident during the Journey in a
percentage proportional to the degree of disability, taking the cover amount indicated as 100%.
€ 30.000
The maximum limit for Cover 4 (Personal Accident) is € 240.000 per Incident and per Journey in total for all the Insured
persons travelling.